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May 14, 2007


Louisiana, at the request of family law attorney Harold Murry and LaDads modified the UPACA to make it only apply to international cases and then only to non-Hague states and/or states not in compliance with the Hague convention.

The bill not only protects against 'international' abductions, but in August of 2004 it was expanded to cover 'inter state' abductions.

So if a parent has 'strong family ties' in another state - as most of us do, then they can be charged as being a 'potential abductor'.

And there is no telling what they meant by the 'strong cultural or emotional' connections with another state. That provision is extremely broad.

In fact, the 'potential risk factors' that are defined in this bill are so vague that they can be applied against any person in this country.

The proposed UCAPA is an extremely dangerous bill that will violate the longstanding U.S. tradition on treating people as 'innocent until proven guilty'.

Under this bill, people can be tried using civil law for a potential felony even if they have not committed any act.

Another extremely dangerous provision in the bill allows a persons ex or even the judge on the judges own motion to obtain an ex-parte, no-knock warrant authorizing the seizure of the children. Think - Eliane Gonzales.

Preventing INTERNATIONAL child abduction? ROFLOL.

You didn't bother to read the bill either, did you?

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