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September 11, 2007


It's funny how someone is digesting my legal battles. Why is this posted on this site? You need to ensure you know everything before you start to digest. I had custody of my daughter for 3.5 years until a discriminating KS judge removed her against all recommendations of the state solely because I'm in the military. The ex-wife was seeking and enormous amount of money for one child (which you have no access to the info)even though I pay for Medical,Dental,School lunches, all travel costs, costs for mother to drive to airport, internet ( no longer as of 2 months ago), cell phone, monthly deposits to a college mutual fund, prepaid spending card and clothes and shoes when she sees me and needs them. Oh yeah, this is in addition to paying child support! I will always take care of my daughter but refuse to pay her mother's mortgage. It sickens me the state of KY allowed this to go to a hearing five consecutive times over the last 4.5 years. The family law court needs a serious overhaul. It exists mainly as a revenue source for the state and will continue to allow frivolous filings for financial gain. I'd appreciate it if you remove this article from your website. Thank you.

Neither the UCCJA or the UCCJEA have anything to do with child support once the first orders are written. They only apply to custody and visitation.

The UIFSA controls support, and its mandatory that any modifications be brought in the state where the other party lives, if I recall. I can't think of a single state that has tried to modify that application, however many TCs make the mistake of changing support with custody modifications.

Without knowing KY's version of the UCCJA, it's generally automatic if both parents have left the state of original orders, jurisdiction over custody issues goes to the state where the child lives. But the support issues are governed by different statutes and it has a lot to do with who is asking for the modification.

I see so many people who don't understand the three items (UCCJA, PKPA, and UCCJEA). The trick is, when you read them, look for the "and" "if" "but" ...

I think the UCCJEA is best, but none of them are applied in the lower courts properly. Too many still going up to the appellate levels (when the parties can afford to pay).

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