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October 28, 2007


As a non-custodial father, and one who even fell behind on his child support during a tough period of my life, I find the term "Deadbeat Dad" patently offensive. In Kentucky and most states there is no accounting of a custodial parent's disposition of child support funds nor are there any requirements for custodial parents to actually set aside the amounts of child support that is imputed to them. Therefore it is not improbable to say that in any given situation the deadbeat parent is in fact the custodial parent who spends child support funds on luxury items or in other inappropriate manners. If I was as sexist as the Wisconsin prosecutor, I guess I would say the deadbeat custodial mom spends the dad's child support on manicures, tanning beds, and satellite TV. I hope that the KY Bar strives to be a little less sexist and a little more realistic in our family law terminology.

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